26-year-old mum is supported to go back to school

  A 26-year-old mum of two in Cape Coast in the Central region gets support from Hight Court Judge as she wished to go back to school.

The 26-year old mum, Leedy Alorke, dopped out of junior high school after giving birth to her two kids. Leedy’s Ivorian dad and Ghanaian mom (now deceased) could not offer much help in raising her kids. The father of her kids abandoned them and never came back.

The first kid is in the care of my brother in Tema, but the second kid, who is four, is here with me. I take loans to run my footwear business, but it’s not yielding any huge profit. “

 Speaking to JoyNews, Justice Kwasi Boakye, a High Court Judge, supported Leedy with GHC2,000 to enable her to further her education and become a responsible woman. “It came to light that Gilda Nyaniba had been able to organize something for her to further her education, but that was not all that she needed. So I have decided to step in and help.”

He goes ahead to say he will monitor Leedy’s progress and possibly assist her in completing her education as a fashion designer. “I had about 500 widows and helpless moms I supported and am still supporting. This is not the first time. He said. “I see helping others as my assignment on this earth.”

Gilda Nyaniba, the social worker who discovered Leedy through her Assemblyman, is excited about her eagerness to go back to school. “Leedy’s eagerness to continue school was what drew me to her, and I am happy she has gotten support.”

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