Truck Loaded With Tomatoes Involved In Accident.

On Monday, June 20, 2022, a Rhino truck carrying tomatoes collided with cars on the Circle-Nsawam route, causing major traffic congestion on both sides of the road. The vehicle was claimed to have collided with four cars in front of it, spilling 60 cartons of tomatoes worth $10,000 over the road.

When interviewed, the truck’s driver, Yeboah, stated that he had to choose between saving his passengers’ lives and crashing more badly into the automobiles ahead. “My brakes had failed, and there were four cars in front of me.” I couldn’t decide if I should save the passengers first or collision with the automobiles ahead of me, which would have resulted in damage.”

The Police Motor Traffic and Transport Department arrived on the site to help regulate traffic and remind drivers to follow the rules of the road to avoid accidents.

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