Akuapim Poloo states the Reason Behind The Indecent Photoshoot With Her Son

“My Private Part, the breast was covered, it was only my ties and arm that was showing,” she said.

akuapim poloo

Rosemond Alade Brown, popularly known as Akuapim Poloo, who has recently renounced Christianity and converted to Islam with the name Haniya added to her name, states the reason behind the indecent photoshoot with her son.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz Fm this morning, Akuapim Poloo iterates why she decided to take such a photo with the son.

I was communicating to my son that this is how naked I was to give birth to him, so, in case of frustration or if I kill myself to suffer for him, I go mad and I am on the street lying naked and he passes by in his luxury car. He should not pass by me but see me as his mother still and pick me up, “she said.

Speaking there, her reason was to show the love she had for the son and to let the son noticed she was doing everything for her sake.

According to her, netizens, citizens had a different view from what she did and also, she realized it was against the law to take such a picture with the son whiles both of them are naked.

To her, that was her first time she noticed such an action was against the law and it landed her in prison. Sharing her experience in the prison, she stated it was not a place meant for humans because there was too much discomfort for the first time because she could not sleep.

Talking about the photoshoot, she stated that she was not naked but they were only half naked.

“My private part, the breast was covered, it was only my ties and arm that were showing,” she said.

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