Arise Ghana ends its two-day demonstration

The Arise Ghana pressure group embarked on a demonstration dubbed #KromAyɛShe on 28th and 29th June, 2022.

On 28th June, the pressure group commenced its protest from the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange/Obra spot through to using the ring road in Accra.

The police couldn’t agree to them using the ring road. Their (Arise Ghana) main purpose was to reach the Jubilee House.

On the second day of the demonstration, 29th June, 2022, the group began its demonstration at El-Wak in Accra.

They worked their way through the Water Works and to Jubilee House.

There were many occurrences which some of it are throwing of stones, firing tear gasses and burning tyres.

The police who claimed to have gone there to protect the demonstrators arrested some protestors who engaged themselves in the violent acts.

The Ghana Police Service also issued a press release to chasing the demonstration’s organisers for the attacks and damage of public properties.

Before the end of the demonstration, the pressure group presented a petition to the Finance Ministry and Parliament demanding action to address the cost of living and unpopular government policies like the e-levy, in addition to interventions on petroleum price hikes.

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