“Black Sheriff’s Music has been recognized On the international music market” -Arnold Baidu

“When you are nominated, you are good as the winner “ he stated

The now popular entertainment pundit, Arnold Baidu, has stated that the tremendous hard work of Black Sherif’s and his team’s effort is now paying them positively.

Arnold commended sherif’s team for putting up such great content out there which has become the most talked about content in the international market!

Speaking on united showbiz show on an Accra base tv station, Arnold revealed to Nana Ama McBrown the host that, award schemes gives artists the reasons to appreciate and do good content.

Arnold indicated some few Ghanaian artists who gained nomination in some international awards schemes in the days but to him, Blacko’s own is one of a different kind which came soo fast .

“I encourage all Ghanaians to go on various awards scheme platforms to vote for Black Sherif”—he stated.
According to him, the MEMA award is one that citizens can access the various platforms to explicitly vote, thus He iterated that all citizens help Blacko win the MEMA Awards
“When you are nominated, you are good as the winner “ he stated

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