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Crude oil found in Apremdo

Black substance suspected to be crude oil has been discovered in Apremdo in the Western Region of Ghana.

Substance believed to be crude oil has been found in Apremdo in the Western Region of Ghana.

Residents of the society found a black sticky substance which they believe it’s a crude oil.

Residents call on the Traditional ruler Nana Egya Kwamena XI to survey the area.

According Nana Egya Kwamena XI, samples of the substance will be submitted to Tema Oil Refinery fir a test result.

“We will be sending samples to the Tema Oil Refinery ( for a test to verify the substance.”

Speaking on Three Some (3S) News on Angel TV, Nana Kwamena, clarifies that, the area in which this substance is discovered was once a refuse dump.

He added, “we are excitingly waiting for the result of the collected sample from TOR.

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