“Determine the purpose of your blog”- kobby Kyei

Augustus Koranteng kyei popularly known as Kobby kyei a Ghanaian blogger during Ghana’s bloggers summit adviced bloggers to always go to look for their own content.

For him, the emergence of new media has made the work of bloggers compared to journalists so it is empirical for bloggers to identify the purpose of their blogs thus identifying their niche.

He then said, the aim of news and content is to impact humanity so it’s good for bloggers to create good content and always think positive.

“Positivity also sales” he stated.
To him, bloggers posting negative and one directed content has become a cliche’ and he urged bloggers to change narrative.

Speaking there, he advised bloggers to verify and not be in a haste to post contents such as breaking news, but rather, a thorough scrutiny should be done before letting the contents go out to the public.

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