E-levy has now been applied

The GRA issued a press release on the application of the e-levy to begin on the 1st of May, 2022.

It has come to the notice of all citizens of the country that starting May 1, the electronic levy of 1.5% to all transactions will be deducted.

Moreover, the citizens have started receiving text messages from service providers and banks.

The Electronic-levy has now been applied and now every transaction one makes, a deduction of 1.5% levy will be deducted.

Some of the text messages from service providers and banks are read as;

“Dear Valued Customer, Effective May 1, 2022, the E-levy will apply to instant electronic transactions” Fidelity Bank.

Whilst Vodafone Cash remains free with no further transfer charges as the E-levy has been applied.

“Dear Valued Customer, From the 1st of May 2022, the 1.5% E-levy will apply to electronic transfers. However, there are no further transfer charges as Vodafone Cash is still free!” Vodafone.

Move is an electronic platform that allows one to send money from different networks all over the country.

Also, one can pay bill using move method. Move stated on 30th April, 2022 that, all transactions and merchants payments are free on Move.

“Dear Mover, starting May 1, airtime/data, utilities and merchant payments will not attract the e-levy” MOVE.

As the Month of May begins and E-levy has been applied, the GRA urges all citizens to do the needful in paying their taxes.

Thus, the Electronic levy should be observed.

Therefore, on every 100Cedis and above transaction one makes, a 1.5% charge will be deducted.

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