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ECG complain of stolen gadgets from a transformer in Sehwi Asafo. Community plunged in darkness for a week

Thieves raid Sehwi Asafo and stole electrical gadgets in the community's on transformer that provides electric power to the community.

Sehwi Asafo in the Western North Region of Ghana has been plunged into darkness for about a week as electric gadgets in the community’s transformer has been stolen.

According to reports, the transformer that provides the community with electricity has been taken down and all gadgets in it have been stolen.

Speaking on Angel TV Three Some News, Richard Kwarteng who works in the ECG Western North, he says the thieves have not been caught yet. The police are still working to finding the suspects.

He added that such transformer has been in scarcity in the Region and the community hence, the management have sought help from the nationals which will take sometime before the community gets electricity power again

Mr. Kwarteng added that, without an expert helping the thieves, they wouldn’t have been able to take down and remove those gadgets from the transformer.

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