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Electoral Commission Appointment: An Avenue for Party Apparatchiks

Ghana’s Electoral Commission is critical in planning and regulating elections, ensuring that all political parties and candidates have a level playing field. According to the Article of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, the Electoral Commission of Ghana is intended to be an independent body. Its independence is aimed at ensuring fair and impartial conduct of elections in the country. Historically, the commission’s independence and integrity have been critical to sustaining public trust in the electoral process. However, recent developments have raised concerns among opposition parties and civil society groups about the commission’s possible manipulation through political appointments. 

One of the major worries is President Akufo-Addo’s appointment of two footsoldiers and party loyalists to the Electoral Commission Hajia Salima Ahmed Tijani and Dr Peter Appiahene to the Electoral Commission’s Board. The president’s appointment of the two has been criticized by a section of the public and some civil society organizations, including the Coalition for Democratic Election Observers (CODEO), who have called on the president to rescind the appointments due to their affiliation with the ruling New Patriotic Party. Ghana’s standing as an African democratic role model may suffer if perceived intervention and manipulation are allowed to prevail.

The 2024 election will be an essential point in Ghana’s democratic development since independence. To retain public trust and confidence in its voting system, the government must keep the highest standards of transparency, justice, and inclusivity. The appointment of party members to the Electoral Commission risks undermining these objectives and should be carefully reconsidered to ensure a level playing field for all political actors and a credible electoral outcome.

Ghana is at a crossroads, and the decisions we make today will shape our collective destiny. We must ensure that our democratic institutions function independently, without party interference, and uphold the greatest norms of fairness and transparency. As the president of Ghana remember that the sovereign power given upon you by the people comes with huge responsibility, there’s a need to consider the long-term implications of these decisions. Please put the protection of our democratic values ahead of any short-term rewards. Ghana is our home, our sole nation, and if things go wrong, we have nowhere else to turn.

God Bless Mother Africa

God Bless mother Ghana

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