Food And Drug Authority(FDA)-Indomie Instant chicken Noodles with ‘Ladha Ya Kuku’ Inscription Contains Pesticides.

In a press release on the 10th of May, 2022, The Food and Drug Authority(FDA) has informed the General public that, their attention has been drawn to the recall of indomie Instant Noodles(chicken flavour) products from certain countries due to suspected presence of high levels of aflatoxins and pesticides.

In the release, they laid emphasis on the fact that, indomie Instant Noodles with ‘Ladha Ya Kuku’ inscription on the label is not a registered product in Ghana.

According to them, the only Indomie Instant Chicken Noodles product that is registered in Ghana is manufactured locally and only occasionally sourced from Nigeria. Also, both products taken through a rigorous process including testing regimes for aflatoxins and pesticide residues before market authorisation is given.

Meanwhile, periodic post market testing is also conducted. In light of the recent recalls in other countries, the FDA has picked samples from the manufacturing facility in Ghana as well as different points of sale across regions nationwide for testing at the centre for laboratory Services and Research.
The FDA is urging anyone in possession of the unregistered indomie products to contact the FDA immediately.

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