IMF program won’t disrupt free SHS or other key initiatives, according to the government

The free SHS policy and Agenda 111, among other government hallmark programs, won’t be canceled, according to the Ministry of Finance, despite the government’s decision to apply for an IMF bailout.

According to the Ministry, the government would make sure that the IMF conditionalities have no bearing on pro-poor initiatives.

Following the failure of domestic remedies to produce promising outcomes, the government last Friday announced plans to request assistance from the IMF.

Key hallmark programs like the Free SHS policy and Agenda 111, among others, would not be altered, according to a document seen by Citi News headlined Frequently Asked Questions As Government Engages the IMF for a potential bailout.

The Free SHS policy is among the document’s list of effective social intervention programs.

Additionally, it stated that revenue-generating channels like E-levy would be kept up.

The government has been revising its implementation strategy to reduce tax evasion, notwithstanding its underperformance, according to the statement.

Concerns about how the IMF program may impact public sector jobs have also been allayed by the government.

The IMF works with member nations to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity by supporting economic policies and programs that encourage financial stability and monetary cooperation, which are necessary to boost productivity, job creation, and well-being.

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