Furious Navrongo Youth demonstrate against government over uncompleted sports stadium

The youth of Navrongo in the Upper East Region, Ghana cry out on the government to complete their left out sports stadium project.

The youth of the Municipality have been furious with the government for over two years since the abandonment of the project.

To them, leaving out this project is a deprival and affecting their sports activities which have produced many great talents.

The spokesperson for the furious youth demonstrating against the government, Akwata Stanislav has said, the government is depriving them the fair share of development project as the sports stadium project still stands uncompleted.

“At the sod-cutting ceremony in July 2018, we were categorically told the project will be completed in nine months.

“In fact, the contractor promised to finish it in 8 months and hand it over to us as a valentine’s gift.

“To wit, the project in normalcy should have been completed in 2019 even if it would have had some delays,” Akwata Stanislav.

According to him, the people Navrongo have waited on the government ever since 2019, thinking that the government could know their satisfaction.

Until 2022, the stadium project is still left un attended to.

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“We waited in 2019, waited in 2020 and waited in 2021 we still have no stadium of our own.

“There exists no completed football pitch worth of mention in the whole region,” he added.

“We do have talents in Navrongo and the Upper East at large but the no-stadium situation or worthy football pitch is derailing our efforts.

“Currently, there are no stadia in the region qualified for the Ghana Division One league football.

“Any team that qualifies from the Upper East Region have to choose between Tamale or Wa to play their home matches.

”The Navrongo sports stadium which comes with a youth resource center is one of its kind in the region and one of ten similar projects being built in other parts of the country.”

Watch the video in full below;

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