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GGSA Disputes Earth Tremor Claims, Identifies Event as Landslide in Twifo-Mampong District

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA) has refuted allegations of an earth tremor occurring in the Twifo-Mampong district of the Central Region. On June 29, 2023, local residents witnessed heavy rainfall that resulted in significant cracks forming on cocoa farmlands in the area. Despite media reports categorizing the incident as an earth tremor, the GGSA conducted an investigation and released a statement on Wednesday, July 12, clarifying that the event was, in fact, a landslide.

The statement highlighted the findings of a team comprising seismologists, geoscientists from the GGSA, the District Chief Executive (DCE), assembly members, and officials from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO). Their investigation determined that the occurrence was a direct result of the intense rainfall, causing a landslide.

GGSA further asserted that their seismic stations in the region did not register any significant seismic activity, only minor earth disturbances. The geological materials observed at the site were identified as highly weathered metasediments, which became saturated due to the heavy downpour, resulting in the movement of multiple materials along the slopes of hills.

Authorities advised both farmers and residents in the area to exercise caution and avoid hillsides during periods of rainfall. Additionally, the general public was urged to refrain from developing in hill slope areas, as such locations may not be suitable for construction.

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