Ghana Missions Abroad encounter Visa and flight challenges

The Ghanaian Missions Abroad under which Ghanain embassies in foreign countries have encountered some serious system challenges with the issuing of visas to travelers to the country.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, the system challenges have existed for two weeks now.

They added that, measures are being taken to curb this problem but also temporary situations where potential travelers to the country are being offered Special Authorization are being put in place.

“Ghana Missions Abroad are encountering serious system challenges with the issuance of visas for potential travelers to Ghana.

“The situation has worsened over the past two weeks, creating mere chaotic scenes at some of the Ghana Missions.”

“In this connection, the Ghana Airports Company is being requested to urgently notify all Airlines operating in Ghana to allow passengers with Special Authorization (Permit) issued by a Ghana Mission Abroad to travel to Ghana on their Airlines (Only passengers with such authorization should be allowed to board as such authorization will be required for the processing of visas-on-arrival).”

Travelers and citizens of the country are therefore advised to exercise patience in due time.

“While counting on your cooperation in this very important and urgent national exercise, please accept the assurances of our highest consideration,” the release said.

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