GIJ SRC Distributes Souvenirs to Freshers

    The Students’ Representative Council of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, distributes some souvenirs to all freshmen and women of the Institute. The freshers received souvenirs like the school’s inscribed wristband

A T-shirt, two exercise books, and others were distributed in the institutes’ auditorium. All regular students received their parcels on the 9th and 10th of August 2022, with weekend students scheduled to receive theirs on Sunday, August 13th, 2022. 

According to Etornam Felix Tsawodzi, the Finance Secretary, the souvenirs being given to the freshers are a way to make them feel their interest is paramount. “Every year, students are required to pay their SRC dues, as it is the norm of the institution. We use some of these monies to purchase the items we share for the freshers”.

He continues to say that, the SRC committee decided to add GHC 40 to the amount paid which was GHC 50 to make a total of GHC 90. The amount added is to support the SRC in buying the items for the freshers.

Speaking to Beatrice Norbey, a fresher of the institute, she says that the SRC did not give them as many souvenirs as she expected, but she still appreciates it. “I was expecting the SRC to distribute the school cloth and not an inscribed wrist band, but I still like the fact that they think of us. I’m thankful and appreciate all the items given to me.”

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