Guardians blockade Islamic SHS over charged tear gas opened on dissenting understudies

Scores of guardians have attacked the Islamic Senior Tall School at Abrepo within the Ashanti Locale to request to see their wards taken after news of an affirmed police assault on the students. The guardians are right now bolted out behind the school’s entryway, as school specialists say they will not permit the guardians to see their wards.

Citi News  prior detailed that at slightest 30 understudies of the school had been surged to the clinic after police purportedly opened tear gas on them whereas they were demonstrating over frequent knockdowns before the school. The understudies of the school were said to have blocked the street before their school within the course of their challenge inciting specialists to welcome the police.

In the meantime, the school Imam, for the sake of administration, said opposite to claims that a few understudies had kicked the bucket, all understudies are secure and those harmed within the handle of the encounter are doing well. “We are engaging to all guardians, no understudy has kicked the bucket. More than 6,000 children in this school are all lively.

The police did not come to murder the children, they didn’t come to defeat them. It was fair a small issue that brought the police here. No one has shot any understudy. The understudies fell as a result of fear. The emergency vehicle that came took care of all the understudies. All the influenced children are doing well,” the school imam, who did not say his title, told guardians within the nearness of other specialists of the school.

Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu, the Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission that oversees the school, who talked to Citi News, moreover said, “This morning I saw the understudies on the road, and I was astounded. I inquired the director, and he said he was not mindful of the students’ exhibit.

The parents are, however, adamant and are demanding to see their wards, with some threatening to force their way into the school’s premises.

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