“I Am An Advocate For Gender Equity And Not Just Feminism” —AMA PRATT

Ama Pratt, the founder of the OBAAISMA SUMMIT INITIATIVE, has stated that the obaaima summit, with the theme “Portrayal, Building Capacity For Elevation,” is set to portray gender equity and not just to promote feminism but rather to set a niche to bridge the gap between men and women in our society. Thus, she is an advocate for equity and not just a feminist.

Moving on, she says women are very vulnerable and prone to a lot of crises, so ladies need to identify and realize their strengths to create and spot opportunities for themselves.
She said this during the Obaasima summit Finale 2022 at the National Theatre on the 16th of June 2022. 
She implores all women to be able to identify their opportunities and make them a reality. In addition, the world has become more competitive for women to stand up and make a difference in their lives.

She mentioned a lot of incidences that most of her female friends encountered in their relationships with their partners. This did not go well with her, which has led her to bring about this initiative to empower ladies and let them know that ladies have the willpower too to make it on their own.

The summit is to simulate and teach women self-empowerment and the sense of hard work. 
For her, that has been what has kept her since her journey started in 2019 till date.
In her advice to ladies, Ama Pratt urges connections and networking among peers, for that is the only way to get future opportunities. She considers this her priority because most of her team members and what connected her to where she is right now was a connection.

Also, your connection should occur among your visible friends and not people far away. 
She finally thanked everyone who helped make her dream a reality, especially her sponsors, who recognized the importance of allowing women to perform in their businesses.


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