” I believe a woman’s Ability Is Beyond her Physique” – Sharon Davidson

Sharon Davidson Tetteh, a level 200 communication student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism
stated She believes a woman’s ability is beyond her physique, just as strength is beyond the body. This statement was captured by this platform on her official Facebook page.

Sharon Davidson Tetteh is contestant number 2 for “Miss Communicator 2022.” This program is an initiative by the Ghana Institute of Journalism Women’s Commission (WOCOM), which seeks to empower ladies in every sphere of their lives and to help young ladies play a paramount role in their societies.

In an interview with Sharon today, she emphasized she is contesting for Miss Communicator, so she can employ the platform to negotiate and reduce the financial burden of students if she wins. She has come to realize that students’ inability to pay their fees has become rampant due to the country’s economic hardship.
She stated that she is primarily using the platform to negotiate with brands and individuals to help reduce students’ financial burdens as far as fees payment is concerned.

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