“It Is Disrespectful To Compare Me To Sarkodie,”-Yaw Tog

The multi-award-winning rapper Sarkodie has been compared to young Ghanaian artist Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, often known as Yaw Tog, who claims it is insulting.

Sarkodie and numerous other artists have frequently been contrasted with more recent performers that have achieved success in the music business.

In an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM, Yaw Tog criticized industry insiders who have been comparing him Sarkodie. If people compare me to Sarkodie, I believe that they are demeaning him because he is aware of the moment and has advanced past that level.

He claimed that Sarkodie understands everything and does not need to be compared to him because he knows nothing about music. He believes that doing so is disrespectful.

“Sarkodie knows everything there is to know about music, but I’m just learning it now, so I’ll say that sometimes in a way there’s no need to do that comparison since he is the king already.”

The 19-year-old child admitted that Sarkodie is an inspiration to him.

On the Kastle Drive Show, he continued. “I’ll admit that Sarkodie is someone I truly look up to. We’ve met multiple times, and throughout those meetings, he gave me a lot of good advice.

He concluded on Kastle FM in Cape Coast by saying, “Sarkodie is an aged guy in the music industry that we all take inspiration from him and he’s still active in the music scene already for all these while.”


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