Kojo Berkoh Announces decision to lead Greater NDC as chairman

Hon.Kojo Berkoh,a former constituency youth organizer at Weija Gbewa has announced his decision to lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as its regional chairman in the greater Accra metropolis.

Mr Berkoh made the disclosure in Accra yesterday when he met section of the press men.

Touching on his chairmanship ambition, the former youth organizer observed that “my inner self, backed by calls from grassroots has pushed me to get involved and to join the contest at the appropriate time, I have been a staunch member of the NDC from the grassroots to the present stage.

“Meanwhile, some influential persons within the rank and file of the Greater Accra region and the grassroots have also started calling on him to lead the party in the region.

Below is the press release for his declaration of intent


Restoring the soul of the party in Greater Accra is a fervent pursuit that requires dynamic and an all-inclusive leadership which stimulates progress at the grassroots, hence, I avail myself to the service of our great Umbrella party.

The dedication to the ethos of our party, which is founded on the base, is the very essence for the strong conviction fueling the ambition to lead us to victory in the next election.

Uncommon and surreal are the times we are in, wrestling power from this despotic and dystopian regime requires an unorthodox albeit practical strategy.

The business-as-usual method has proven legless in our efforts to achieve political feats, the status quo rendered inutile, to stem this tide, I can boldly affirm my qualities and procedures are at variance with the status quo and challenges obsolescence of ineffective mechanism.

The renewed hope to galvanize the grassroots and deliver thirty-four(34) constituencies and win the presidency for our party is hinged on inspiration drawn from the youthfulness of our founders, who stood against the status quo to be counted, defied and revolted the norm in their era to defeat cronyism, nepotism and corruption and succeeded in birthing the democracy we enjoy in the fourth republic.

Akin to the toil of our founders, I ride the crest of their wave to fundamentally rejuvenate and steer the leadership that ignites enthusiasm in our branches, engage and introduce projects that distinctively attract the mass of our youthful population.

To this end, fellow Akatamansonians, I KOJO OBENG BERKOH represent the hope of business unusual, I stand as the pragmatic bastion of the new and dynamic era as I join to contest and win the Chairmanship position of the Greater Accra Region.

Kojo Obeng Berkoh, Greater Accra Regional Chairman Hopeful.

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