Majority of Ghanaians dying from heart related diseases – DR BONSU.

A senior medical expert who doubles as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Profecy Scientific Herbal Clinic, Dr Noble Mensah Bonsu, has said many Ghanaians are dying from heart-related diseases in the country, especially myocardial infraction, also known as heart attack.

He raised such a serious concerns when addressing the media on the incessant complaints of heart related diseases in the country.

According to him, heart attack is a silent killer disease claiming the lives of both healthy and unhealthy people in the country, and the need for the masses to take serious precautions before blowing a lot of dimension in the country’s health sector.

“Heart attack is undoubtedly claiming more lives more than Road Accidents and the deadly covid19 pandemic” he said

Dr. Bonsu cited that the late Daniel Toffey, the 27 years old Ghanaian Gospel musician who died of heart attacks last month in flight from Accra to Washington DC even in the midst of 7 great doctors was because most people don’t really take good care of such heart related disorders.

He further stated that, two doctors saved the life of one French man when onboard a flight to Ghana. The country could have been hit by such unfortunate incident if not the intervention of those two medical experts like the man could have met his demise death due to prolong heart attack.

“The man identified as Ike Sherdrack, a French passenger whose life was saved by two Ghanaian Doctors on board from Brussels to Accra just this weekend” he said

Doctor Bonsu disclosed this shocking revelation when he organized a free health screening for the residents of Amasaman in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region last week.

He urged the populace to reconsider regular check up to dwindle the rate of heart related disorders mostly myocardial attacks.

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