Most Ghanaians don’t believe E-levy will fund developmental programmes – Afrobarometer Survey

Most Ghanaians think the E-levy is a bad tax and don’t believe it will be used for developmental programmes.

On Thursday, July 13 2022, the Centre for Democratic Development (CCD) released the results from the Afrobarometer survey of Ghana, on Aspects of Round 9 (2021/2022) survey. The Survey showed that 76% Ghanaians think the E-levy is bad since it will raise the tax burden on the ordinary citizen. 63% citizens strongly agree with this view.

Also, 67% Ghanaians strongly disapprove of the E-levy with only 19% citizens accept and approve of the tax. 24% citizens are a little confident or not at all confident that the government will fulfil it’s promise to make use of the revenues which will come from the tax for developmental programmes.

     In as much as many Ghanaians oppose to the electronic bill, some Ghanaians support the tax bill and say, there are important goals that a tax revenue system must achieve.

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