MP, DCE visit 15-yr-old young lady whipped in Ofoase

The member of Parliament for the Ofoase Ayirebi Voting public, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, and the Akyemansa Locale Chief Official have met the 15-year-old young lady flagellated by a few contracted boys and her family.

The visit was a portion of the back framework for the youngster to heal. The youngster was flagellated and abused on the orders of the stepfather for not resting at home. Video recordings of the flagellating occurrence were circulated on social media in early June 2022.

The activity is said to be an infringement on her rights as expressed within the Children’s Act 1998 Segment 13 subsections 1 and 2: “No individual should subject a child to unfeeling, brutal or corrupting treatment or discipline.

No rectification of a child is reasonable which is outlandish in kind or in degree agreeing to age, the physical and mental condition of the child, and no adjustment is legitimate in the event that the child by reason of delicate age or something else is unfit of understanding the reason of the correction.” The Oda DOVVSU division is taking care of the case as a manhunt for the culprits proceeds.

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