“My purpose for vying for vice chairmanship position is to Serve the Party -Mustapha Zambrota

An aspiring Krachi East vice chairman for the National Democratic Congress NDC, Mr Mustapha Zambrota has indicated that, his readiness and rationale behind running for the vice chairmanship bid for krachi East Constituency of the NDC is to serve without rancour, thus the constituency should give him the mandate because of his servant leadership personality.

He further stated that, the opportunity to lead should be seen as a readily available to serve people and not a privilege.

The aspiring krachi East
Vice chairman made the remarks when speaking to this news portal on Oti radio and Kano fm both in krachi East constituency.

Mr Mustapha Zambrota reiterated that, he will cocksurely serve diligently and work with all irrespective of one’s status or calibre( team work and team player).

He stressed that , he is a dignified candidate , whose love and service to the umbrella fraternity could never be in doubt for power come 2024 general elections.

“I’m inherently humane , service oriented, execution driven, resourceful, versatile and above all enabler ” he added.

Mr Mustapha Zambrota added that, he stands for all organizational matters and valued peace in all situations, adding that, his adherence to party works earned him the tittle the workerholic Alhaj NDC Zam, to wit, brota of chairing the affairs and work for the great NDC party.

He said his kind around the doing party work is rare and would be profoundly made positive impact he when given the nod as the next krachi East vice chairman.

According to Him, it is utterly paramount for all members of the party to forge ahead in unity to reclaim political power in the 2024 polls.

He also advised delegates to elect competent candidates like himself who have the party at heart to steer the affairs of the party like he did when he was the constitueny communication officer of the great NDC to simply secure victory for the party come 2024.

“I’m calling for a free, fair, peaceful and transparent election for all aspirants “

He further stated that NDC must forge ahead in unity for the party members to work assiduously for victory in 2024 to resolve the increasing hardship being visited on Ghanaians by the inept Akufo-Addo administration.

He appealed to all stakeholders to ensure that the elections are conducted in a democratic, civil, peaceful, fair and transparent manner.

He said although the NDC is in expectation to work creditably in accordance with the party’s structures but the party members must ensure that they sell the good message of the party to Ghanaians to distinguish the deceitful NPP and the trusted NDC party.

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