NDC should avoid “moneycracy ” & vote for competent leaders to win 2024 Polls- Bright Botchway

The Central Regional Deputy Youth Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Bright Botchway has advised the party’s delegates to vote for competency in the forthcoming internal elections of the party and not the highest bidder.

Mr. Botchway indicated that cash in the electoral process provides fertile grounds in electing wrong leaders, which makes it difficult for a party to secure victory, adding that the NDC should refrain from such practices and vote for the leaders who can do the job and bring power back to the party because election 2024 is non-negotiable.

“We should remember this is not about money but someone who can work and execute our agenda going into 2024 polls to recapture power from this substandard NPP government.

He stressed out that, in most blatant & imprudent manner in some parties which strives on “Cash for Vote” the future of NDC ought to be paramount to every member thus the party eschew “moneycracy” to elect seasoned leaders for smooth victory.

He detailed that, there’s always a battle by aspirants to pay the highest bribes to the delegates who are charged with producing and electing leaders so the party ought to switch from such political underserved character.

In this regard, the future of the party leaders will give birth to a disdain image of brigands which flashed and etched in the minds of the hapless masses.This is what he inscribed and its reads”

I salute all the NDC youth of the great umbrella family.

I believe that the youth forms an integral part of nation-building. So do we the youth of the great Akatamansonian family, forms an integral part of the party’s development.

As a youth in this great NDC party, I will advise my colleagues youth to be cautious and circumspect in whatever we do or utter in our bid to bring the great NDC party back into government come 2025. We should be mindful in most decisions we will take in electing people to lead the party,Vote buying is something I won’t encourage in our body politics NDC , If care is not taking we will end up electing Lazy and bad who can’t faction and give us Power .very soon the electoral process will commence electing new executives at the branch, ward, constituency, region, and national level to run the affairs of the party from now to 2024 and beyond before their mandate expired. We must remember that a little mistake in our decision this year will cost the party fortunes and will take years to correct the wrong.

Moreover, let us try as much as possible to upgrade our educational status in our capacity to achieve the best we aim at because NDC as a party always gives opportunity’s to youth and surely your hard work won’t be in vain ,I also call on my colleague’s youth to improve their businesses ,though most comrades find it hard to sustain in even their small buisness because the bad economy but still let’s try to get involve in something profitable in your own small way and upgrade in trades because we have more time now than when we were in power.

It’s necessary for improving the goodness of the party should be the watchword. Links in the area of trade, education, and employment.

When we do these, then we can help support the future of our party because we are young in opposition enough to wait for the time when we will rather schedule ourselves for party work and other important assignments.

We as youth must learn to build and protect our integrity because we are the future leaders of this great party where presidents, Ministers, Parliamentarians, District Chief Executives, and the like will emerge. How we hold ourselves today will probably reflect on our integrity when we become leaders.

To my colleague TEIN -NDC members and executives; work hard, protect your integrity, work in unity, be accountable to your people, and above all, study hard and you shall be vindicated by the perceptions of your colleagues from the other fraternity.

I end here by wishing all my colleagues youth, fruitful moments worth appreciating and calling on you to reflect on these opinions for the sake of the future of our country and the party

Long live the Youth wing.
Long live NDC,
Long live Ghana

Lawrence Odoom

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