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Parliament Launches Investigation into Fatal Shooting of Five Alleged Landguards in Bortianor

Parliament Orders Investigation into Fatal Shooting of Five Alleged Landguards in Bortianor

The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Andrew Amoako Asiamah, has instructed the Defence and Interior Committee, as well as the Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, to conduct a thorough inquiry into the recent incident in Bortianor. On June 8, 2023, the police shot and killed five individuals suspected of being land guards.

This decision comes in response to the demands of Sylvester Tetteh, the Member of Parliament for Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency, and other lawmakers, who called for an immediate investigation into the matter.

The police issued a statement on June 10, 2023, stating that they had carried out an operation targeting robbery and land guarding activities in the area, resulting in fatalities.

During a parliamentary session, the member of parliament for Bortianor disputed the police’s claims, citing reports from the families of the deceased that contradicted the allegations of their involvement in land guarding.

The Second Deputy Speaker has instructed the committee to present their findings to the parliament by the end of June, emphasizing the need for appropriate action to be taken. He stated, “We are referring this matter to the Defence and Interior Committee and requesting the leadership of the Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Committee to join them. We expect a report to be submitted by the end of this month, enabling parliament to take the necessary steps.”

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