Part Of Covid 19’s Money Was Spent On NPP Election 2020 campaign. ( Mahama Reveals)

The flagbearer for the Opposition Party Dr. John Dramani Mahama says the NPP government has used the covid19 funds for their 2020 Election Campaign. He dares the Government allow an independent forensic audit to prove him wrong. ‘ I said in Harvard during my lecture that it is believed that a lot of the covid 19 resources were used for election 2020 campaign’ he affirmed.

He futher stated, He has come under attack since He made this statement but to Him, He is not worried about the attack because He is interested in the progress of the country. He further questioned where the 1billion the IMF gave government to curb the Covid19 was used for.

He ask what the Half a billion from the World bank was also used for. “we took 200 million dollars from the Stabilization fund the NDCC government established” he said. Dr. John Dramani mahama is therefore asking the NPP government for accountability oh the monies they recieved during the covid era.

He urges and challenges Government to allow and independent forensic audit to prove him wrong that indeed the funds were not misused an embezzled. He is therefore asking Government what all those funds have been used for and the only way to prove it is by allowing an audit.

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