Police arrest 29 of the Arise Ghana demonstrators

The Ghana Police Service have arrested 29 Arise Ghana demonstrators.

The Arise Ghana pressure group embarked on their 1st day demonstration with the dubbed #KromAyeShe yesterday.

During the occasion, a disagreement occurred while the throwing of stones, firing of tear gasses and burning car tyres by the police and the protestors.

In a report shared by the police yesterday, 28th June, 2022, the police claimed they went there to protect the demonstrators but they (protestors) took that for granted and started hurting officers.

In a press release dated 28th June, 2022, the Ghana Police Service have reported that, 29 of the demonstrators have been arrested.

According to the police, these people were arrested for their participation in the violence attack against the them (police). School children included.

“The Police have arrested 29 demonstrators for their participation in violent attacks on the Police and some members of the public including school children during the Arise Ghana demonstration in Accra today.”

They added that, the organisers of this demonstration will be arrested an put to court for the attack and damage of public property.

According to the law, Public Order Act, (Act491), Section 3, the organisers will be in court to face their charges by the police.

“Also, the organisers of the demonstration will be arrested and put before court for the attacks and damage to public property, in line with the provisions of Section 3 of the Public Order Act, (Act 491).”

Meanwhile, the police urges the public to disregard all rumours and treat them with respect and contempt.

They said this with the claim of having footages as evidence of the arrested demonstrators.

“Available video footages of the event are being reviewed and all other persons identified for taking part in the attacks as well as inciting the violence will be arrested and brought to face justice.”

“We urge the public to disregard the untruths and treat them with the contempt they deserve, for the footages and images of the event speak for themselves,” the press release says.

Read the full press release here;


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