Stop blaming the Russia-Ukraine conflict for fuel price increases. Driver complaints to the government

David Agboado, the Public Relations Officer for the Concerned Drivers Association, is not pleased with how often the government blames the nation’s problems on the conflict in Ukraine.

Speaking on The Point of View, David Agboado, said “we should stop hiding behind COVID and Ukraine and do the right thing.”

“Did the bombs in Ukraine hit the Tema Oil Refinery, or did the bombs Putin deployed hit the tankers that send the crude and fuel to the various stations?”

Mr. David’s çomplaints emphasized on the fact that other neighbouring countries still have lesser prices on their fuel.

“What pains me the most is Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is [selling fuel for] GH¢37 [per gallon] and Burkina Faso takes its oil from Ghana,” he said.

Watch the full video;

Driver tells the government to stop blaming fuel increment on the Russia-Ukraine war

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