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Dickens Writes: The National Pledge Must Be Righted.

By: Dickens Asare Ofori Adjei.
Student, Communication studies (Journalism) – UniMAC-GIJ.


I see them every day in their tattered clothes parading the streets of Ama Ghana. They have no place to call their homes. As they move helter-skelter with their innocent faces, I ask myself, what do they do wrong? It is so pitiful how most of those who run the affairs of this country are closing their blind eyes and ears to the plights of these vulnerable children.It is also unfortunate how we all look on and have never seen to extend a helping to these children in dire need of help.

I was in a flood of tears after I had the opportunity to speak to one ‘Adamu Karim’, aged 14 years. This orphan had lived on the street for 5 years without a caretaker. He has accepted the street as his home and the only living place.

Adamu articulated a dismal statement that he doesn’t have any ties with any of his family members. “I don’t know any, it was my late mum and myself.” the poor boy moaned. Adamu underscored he depends on ” this menial job” to generate an income for a living.” Gosh! guess what the job is, this little boy stands in traffic from dawn to dusk, with his dirty rags and a bottle of soapy water. He wipes the windshields of cars in return for money.

Most often than not, some drivers rebuff him without giving him a penny. Oh, why should this be a story from this little child? Have we been faithful and loyal to our motherland? Ghana is deemed to be one of the most hospitable countries. …..” through the blood and toil of our forefathers…” Should our forefathers’ efforts be in vain? So are we defending the good name of Ghana? “Nkwadaa no ne yɛ daakye( the children are our future)

If that’s the case then why are we not taking any action to secure betterment for these children? Adamu Karim’s state of living is nothing to write home about. However, he is sanguine about his future; he is looking forward to becoming a medical doctor. Is there hope for this street child who doesn’t even know how to spell his name?

It is in the Akan adage that “Sɛ yɛwo wo to esie so a wonnkyɛre tenten yɛ.” If you are born unto a mound, it does not take you long to grow tall.

This implies that early advantages in life tend to persist. For example, one born into a rich family is more likely to be rich even later in life than one born into a destitute family. Adamu’s situation is even worse than being born into a poor family. At least there may be a motivational speaker in the family to reassure you. Let us not forget, Adamu said early on that he doesn’t know any of his family members. He is paddling his own canoe without any assistance. Becoming a medical doctor is not on a silver platter. Somebody might say that amid FREE EDUCATION, why would Adamu not be enrolled in school?

The question is not getting enrolled but how to meet up to the basic requirements of getting a basic level of education. The requirements include; stationery, food, and clothing to enable the smooth educational attainment of Adamu and other future leaders on the street of Ghana.

It is our collective responsibility to show our humanity by extending helping hands to these helpless children who have no one to run to for help. It is high time that we forget the uncouth quote “myself and me alone” and rather focus on the humane quote “we and us together in this world.”

If we are pledging ourselves to the service of Ghana, then we have some responsibilities as concerned citizens to look out for. Stakeholders and all responsible bodies must rejuvenate their vision to look out for the welfare needs of the street children by taking them out of the street.

With that, we have corroborated to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana, our motherland, and God will surely bless us as we always wish.

Street children deserve better. #Ghana is wrong, let’s right it now!!!!

Asare Ofori Adjei Dickens
Communication Studies (Journalism) student at UniMAC-GIJ

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