Outcome Of Course Reps Meeting With GIJ Management

Follow every bite of the interaction with management.

The Deputy rector begins by congratulating Level 200 students who participated in the EDF 2022 fair. He then proceeded to make known the agenda of the day which is to enhance management communication with the student body by allowing course reps to channel all problems and issues to them. He also urges all students to be well-behaved and not feel intimidated during the session.

The dean of students gave a presentation on communication where she made known what communication is, how it can be done effectively and how to engage in effective communication. Mrs. Rodaline Martey made known the importance of reading at the tertiary level. She said management communicates to students through virtual notice boards and it is students’ responsibility to read and be updated with current information about what is going on on campus. This is known as the bottom down approach

Another approach is the top-down approach where students make grievances or issues known to management by writing official letters to management through the SRC body or to her the dean herself.
She also advised students to always go through the appropriate and necessary steps to get a venue in the school before the D- day of their programs. She said students must be ready and set when it comes to getting a venue for their programs before the last hour. She concluded by advising students to be good communicators and follow appropriate procedures to get their issues addressed.

Dr. Mavis Essandoh The Dean of the Faculty of Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing presented on the GIJ brand. She said it is a very resilient brand and known for training and she advised students to do their best to improve upon their brand in terms of certification and what they communicate out there

The Dean of the Faculty of integrated sciences Dr. Modestus Fosu presented on Ethics.
He explained ethics as living well, peacefully, and academically good as students. He said the advantage of University life is deciding when to sleep but as students, we should be mindful of the choices we make.
Speaking about General Behavior he urged students to have respect for themselves. He said if students respect themselves collectively GIJ will be respected by the public.

For students to be ethical they must go by the rules and regulations of the school be said.
He also touched on payment of school fees, decent dressing, hygiene, and punctuality. He advised students to engage in fruitful discussions and attend programs organized by the school for self-development. He ended by saying students should pass through the necessary steps to channel issues to management and also be good GIJ citizens and good citizens of Ghana as a whole.

Dr. James Kwaku Asante Dean of the Journalism and Media Studies Faculty gave a presentation on the Resolution of Academic Issues.
He was very particular about students joining wrong groups on purpose due to petty issues.
He complained about lateness and absence and urge students to be punctual in other not to score bad grades for the assessment.
He also warned against examination malpractice and urged students to be ethical and ensure they pass fairly,

source: David Cudjoe

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