The FDA Shuts Down Marwarko Restaurant

Marwako in Accra is a fast food restaurant and one of the best fast food joints. They offer a wide range of cuisines including Ghanaian and Lebanese cuisine.

It has come to the notice of the General public that some individuals experienced serious challenges after consuming their food. These has lead many individuals to agitate on Twitter for further investigation to be conducted.

Following the concerns being raised, the FDA has twitted on their Official Twitter page to inform the General public about close down of the restaurant for further investigation to be carried out.

‘The FDA has taken notice of complaints from the public about the suspected food poisoning at the East Legon Branch of Marwarko Restaurant.

We have closed down the restaurant and together with other relevant agencies, started investigations.’

‘We wish to assure the public that the issue would be thoroughly investigated and appropriate actions taken. Additionally, FDA is ensuring the strict implementation of it protocols to prevent any further harm to the public.’

These were some pictures tweets confirm the incident.

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