The government advised to close schools following the teachers’ strike

Due to the teaching union strike, parents have petitioned the government to close schools.

According to them, among other reasons, the schools’ shutdown will stop the rise in security and safety incidents.

They claimed that because there are no teachers on duty to mentor, advise, and defend them on their behalf, the current scenario has created the perfect environment for certain children and learners to harm themselves at school.

“As parents/guardians, we urge the government to formally close the schools so that the students (non-candidates) can return home to their families for support and food, but to leave the final year students (JHS and SHS 3 students) to temporarily stay until a fair resolution is reached and agreed upon by all parties.

We respectfully request that the teacher union officials appoint a minimal teaching and nonteaching personnel to assist and appropriately prepare our final-year students for the BECE and WASSCE-2022 Exams.

Press Release

Press Statement “These measures, if adopted by these parties, will improve the food and other logistical situation in the schools and provide more food for the Form Three students and avoid the ongoing food rationing and hunger in the schools, which is forcing parents to pay some extra unexpected money to support the feeding of their wards.”

“The closure of the schools will also curb growing incidents of insecurity and safety in our schools as the current situation has created breeding grounds for some students/ pupils to hurt themselves at school since there are no teachers at the post to mentor, guide and protect them on our behalf,” a statement they issued on Wednesday, July 13, said.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers, (NAGRAT), Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Teachers’ and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) declared strike following the failure of the government to meet their demands to approve the 20 per cent COLA.

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