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“Government must improve its stakeholder engagement process.” Bernard Avle

Ghanaian media personality, broadcast journalist, and host of Citi FM’s The Citi Breakfast Show stated that the government needs to change its strategies when it comes to consultation.

He claims that in order to improve appropriate decision-making and resolve the nation’s economic challenges, Government must seek to involve the appropriate stakeholders.

“The administration may ostensibly call ten individuals and claim we consult since civil society is divided and the private sector is so weak” This has led to the government not meeting the right and real representatives of various sectors, thus not attaining the right goal of various consultations.

According to Bernard, most of their policies, like the E-levy and the removal of tolls, which were supposed to be the panacea t our economic problems failed woefully due to the failure to engage the right stakeholders, which he considers a bad decision from the government.

Bernard Avle’s submission followed the many recent directives and measures the government is trying to use to solve the economic crisis in Ghana, which seems to be yielding no result. This has led the citizenry into fear and panic.

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