“The new players appear to be with the black stars for a hundred of years.” Kwabena Yeboah

“The arrival of new players has set competition among the players” — Kwabena Yeboah

Kwabena Yeboah, a Ghanaian veteran sports journalist who is also known for hosting sports talk shows, weekly sports reviews, and live commentary on GTV, stated that the arrival of the new players at camp is as normal as you could think of.

Speaking to Gary Al-Smith a Joy news sports journalist at Deauville where the black stars trained today ahead of their clash with Brazil, Kwabena Yeboah stated that, the presence of the players has set and will bring a sense of competition to the team thus making each and every player put his best.

Also, he says it is empirical to note that most of the new players can be considered as and are high-profile players. For him, he realizes the new players are comfortable with their teammates.

“The new players appear to be with the black stars for a hundred of years,” he said. To him, he considers it to be a good bond in the team.

No player has the right to a position in the team because there are high-quality players, which has led to great competition in the team as set at the moment.

He further urged the team, to play a competitive game with Brazil on Friday

For that would be the only way to strengthen themselves.

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