This is how you can link your credit card (UBA Africard) to your PayPal account in Ghana

PayPal is an online platform that offers online money transaction with people in different countries.

Besides, the e-transaction it offers, it also provide the opportunity to businesses to sell, buy and create invoices for customers.

PayPal has been one of the best online business and transaction platforms in the world ever since 2015 when they established their own company.

PayPal works in over 200 countries and accepts about 25 currencies in the world.

Ghana is one of the unfortunate countries that PayPal is yet to recognize officially as its member.

However, one can create a legit business account for which buying, selling and making money transactions can occur.

Today’s tutorial is about how one can link his/her credit card to his PayPal account.

Because Ghana hasn’t been officially recognized by PayPal, it is indeed hard for one to make transactions with their credit cards.

Below shows how one can add or link his/her credit card to PayPal account

NB: Since PayPal is yet to officially recognize Ghana, Ghanaian banks like GCB, ADB or even Fidelity Bank’s credit cards can not be used.

  1. Enter any United Bank of Africa (UBA) and create a savings account.
    After creating the account, ask for UBA Africard.


UBA treats its customers with dignity and politeness. feel free in asking for the Africard.

2. Make sure your card is activated and can be used for transactions. UBA can help you with that.

3. Open your PayPal account with your password and username or email.

4. Choose ‘add wallet’ or the wallet symbol.

5. Now you can click on the add banks and cards. Chose from the two, Banks or Debit and credit cards.

6. The next thing that will pop up is ‘enter your card number’.
The card number is on the front of the Africard. It contains about 10-15 digits.

NB: Due to privacy and high security from PayPal to protect your account from fake actors, you’ll not be able to take a shot of that session in point 6.

7. The follow up process you’ll do is to add your CV which is also behind the Africard.

After verifying your card in a few seconds, you’ll receive a notification from PayPal that, your card has finally been linked.

You can then do every transaction you want.

PayPal also deduct $5 from every transaction or withdrawal you make.

But, on the 3rd of every month, there are free automatic withdrawal from your PayPal account to your credit card.

Besides UBA, there are few banks like Stanbic Bank that can help you get a credit card to link to your PayPal account.

Follow the steps carefully, before you can get a successful result.

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