We will provide all documents needed – Mark Okraku-Mantey tells Nana Dakrabo 1

The  Ministry for Tourism, Arts, and culture has assured the  Mpuntuhene (Development Chief) of Akonoma in the Asebu Kingdom of the Central Region, Nana Dakrabo I, that, the ministry will provide all documents needed for the start of the state- of -the art film studio in Ghana.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, arts, and culture, Mark Okraku-Mantey, stated that Ghana has a lot of talent but lacks logistics.

Ghana has a lot of talent from the front to back but what we need now are the logistics and you have come at the time that we are thirsty and we need more water to drink. For such a project, and for a president who believes in the art industry we have passed the creative arts bill, we have operationalized the National Film Authority, so that the policies of the industry are intact, in order to help improve the creative arts industry.” He said

He further welcomed them to Ghana and thanked them for choosing Ghana as the best place to design this Altera modern film studio.

“The project, when completed will create thousands of jobs for Ghana’s entertainment industry.  The studio when completed is  poised to capitalize on the African film market, gaining a large share of productions from neighboring countries, while simultaneously attracting productions from around the world.” He added

He said” I know that you have the right people to support you in everything you do. Ghana is ready, come and help us develop the country, especially in the creative arts industry, as a capitalist government we believe that, the country can be developed through the private sector.”

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