“When The Truth Is Being Spoken, People Might Think We Just Hate Others, but We Do Not, We All Just Want What the Best Is.” – Teacher Kwadwo

“When the truth is being spoken, people might think we just hate others, but we do not.” We All Just Want What Is Best. ” — Kwadwo, the instructor

Michael Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo ’, A former teacher and a social media content creator opens up in a video he made about the Akrofuom primary school. He says, “When the truth is being spoken, people might think we just hate others, but we do not.” We all just want what is best. “

To him, speaking the truth and talking about some of these critical issues was what led to his dismissal as a teacher by the Ghana Educational Service (GES). In the video, he explicitly stated that he has no other motives for his critics but to complain about Ghana’s educational system is to advocate and make sure the right things are done to enhance holistic education in the country.

Despite his tremendous efforts, he can only claim that he was not recognized for the better work he was doing but rather dismissed for the great work he was putting up.


    Teacher Kwadwo in a video goes to the Akrofuom D/A primary school to take shots of the school which went viral last year, 2021.

     According to the Ghana Education Service (GES), the primary four teacher, was sacked for misconduct. They, therefore, sent him a letter to inform him of his dismissal. Teacher Kwadwo was accused of absenting himself from school for 55 days in the last academic year. He was also said to have failed to prepare lesson plans and lesson notes like a professional teacher.

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